The Sandbox

A collection of some of my favorite personal designs through the years.

A crowdfunding campaign poster for a cause near and dear to my heart; the conservation of tigers as an endangered species, and putting an end to harmful petting zoo operations. 'Tiger King' ring a bell?

After Wordle took off, I was inspired to create a Wordle-themed Valentine...
With interactive elements! View the interactive card here.

Imagining a digital car dashboard interface that provides the most pertinent information at a glance, without distracting the driver from the road too much. Controls are based on steering wheel button components so that you don't even need to take your hands off the wheel.

Re-designing the Nintendo Switch™ home screen with categories for Favorite Games, Recently Played, and your regular Library. What I wouldn't give to be able to customize the home screen a bit more!

Designing a digital recipe card that is semi-interactive, allowing the user to check off ingredients and steps that they've already prepared. Complete with delicious looking preview pictures!

Utilizing a game's user interface design system to imagine what a leaderboard might look like in-game, and the functions and information it would provide to the user. The tricky part of designing this was trying to maintain semi-transparency to ensure the user's vision of other important gameplay elements is not blocked by the leaderboard.

Continuing the trend of recipes: a mobile recipe app with clear visualizations for each category.

A poster designed for a general RIT campus event, based on lighting lanterns upon the campus walkways to welcome the incoming freshmen women to the university.

Designing an onboarding section for an existing application, following design guidelines of the custom community within the app.
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