Sierra Skorupski

I'm a human-centered designer focused on inclusive design, user experience & interface design, and bringing new concepts to life.


I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2020 with a B.S. in Human-Centered Computing. My pursuit of User Experience sprung from the desire to aid the everyday user in their experience with the tech that has rapidly evolved and become essential to our daily lives. I like to consider myself a human-centered designer above all else; humans are more than just end users, data points, or numbers in a spreadsheet--we're living beings with varied emotions, experiences, pain points, and desires. My overarching goal is to create beautiful experiences that solve modern issues in how users interact with their devices and the greater world around us. My focus lies in user interface and product design, from digital to physical mediums. I am a strong advocate for inclusive design; similar to accessibility, but also including situational complications that may cause temporary friction or difficulty interfacing with digital media or technology.

Aside from design, you may have noticed a few bunnies scattered throughout my portfolio. Since childhood, I have had a strong fondness for animals and their welfare. Being a rabbit owner for several years now, I have learned about the delicate care that is required to keep these adorable creatures thriving. It has become my goal to spread awareness and information of what it truly means to keep a domestic rabbits, and advocating for their classification as a common household pet alongside cats and dogs. In the future, I hope to start a non-profit org to advocate for domestic rabbits and help bunnies in need find a forever home.

Do you have ideas, love bunnies yourself, or wish to discuss something else? Let's talk!



Co-founder, Evenstar Design

Starting in summer 2021, I co-founded a design practice with two of my colleagues as a subsidiary firm of Innovia Colabs. We specialize in pitch & sales deck design; interactive prototyping, from sketches to screen; and company branding. Our vision is to bring your concepts, products, services, brands and ideas to life by designing an experience that is tailored to your vision. Our clients have included a pet harness company partnered with fashion brands, a fintech/cryptocurrency mining pool company, a private entrepreneurial network, and more.

User Experience Designer, Innovia Colabs

Partnered with Innovia CoLabs, I work closely alongside a creative team of software developers, project managers, marketing coordinators, and salespersons. At Innovia, our motto is that software should be a joy to use. Working with your development team should feel the same. As a UX Designer, my role involves aiding the development team by creating digital assets for implementation, providing mockups and interactive prototypes, and maintaining design systems. Former and current clients have included large medtech companies, fintech companies, political campaigns, etc.

WEB Designer, RIT Magic Spell Studios

Summer Internship through RIT

Funded through a NIH grant, I spent a summer as a Web Designer at RIT's MAGIC Spell Studios. Alongside my colleagues, I redesigned major components of a website design framework created by an RIT professor for the use of documenting medical case studies. Responsibilities included updating and rebranding templates within the framework, updating supporting documentation, and writing the functionality for video recording, lectures, and graded quizzes during case studies.

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