The Better Bun Bureau Pitch Deck

(Work In Progress) A pitch deck designed for a concept of a non-profit organization that promotes the well-being of domestic rabbits across the USA.

Domestic rabbits are a widely popular pet, especially in the United States, coming in at #3 just after dogs and cats. They are highly intelligent, curious, and playful critters, with a penchant for chewing on things they absolutely should not. But the public perception of what care a pet rabbit requires are misguided at best, harmful to bunnies at worst. Let's start by discussing the common misconceptions of the household rabbit.

Many children wake up on Easter morning to find they've received a most wonderful gift--a real, live pet bunny. Their parents dutifully set the little bun up with a small pet store cage, a bowl full of carrots, and no litter box. After all, what more could bunnies need? But after just a few weeks, the excitement of the new pet rabbit wears off, and the young rabbit grows into adolescence, becoming a nuisance for their owners. According to National Geographic, more than 80% of rabbits adopted out during Easter perish or are abandoned within the first year of ownership. Underprepared and overstressed owners may find themselves in over their head if they get a pet bunny without knowing how to properly care for them. What do bunnies really need? Start by correcting some of those common misconceptions, and replacing them with healthier ideas for your beloved bun, shown below.

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